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What is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), or directional boring, is an innovative trenchless method revolutionizing underground utility and pipeline installations. It’s designed to minimize surface disruption by creating a bore path beneath the ground for the precise installation of pipes, conduits, or cables. This versatile technique finds extensive applications across various industries such as telecommunications, oil and gas, water distribution, and utility infrastructure development.

HDD's primary advantage lies in its ability to install infrastructure beneath roads, rivers, and environmentally sensitive areas with minimal disturbance to the surroundings. Its precision and non-invasive nature make it an ideal choice for projects requiring minimal impact on landscapes or existing structures.

The process utilizes specialized equipment including horizontal drilling rigs, drill stems, reamers, and tracking systems. These tools work in tandem to ensure precise alignment and efficient installation of the desired infrastructure, delivering reliable and durable underground networks.

Horizontal Drilling Products & Services


Increase efficiency with our patented
Horizontal Air Hammers

Our patented bull back system attaches to the end of the HDD air hammer bit allowing a pilot hole and material pull back in a single pass-through.

We manufacture all of our products in our Winder Georgia facility.  Our expert technicians are here to help you select the products that you need for your job.

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HDD Air Hammer On-Site Repairs

At Hardrock HDDP, we specialize in comprehensive repair services for horizontal directional drilling hammers and metal components, extending beyond our proprietary air hammers to encompass products from various competitors.

With a dedicated team of in-house engineers and skilled welders, we bring expertise and precision to every repair. Our nationwide shipping ensures prompt service regardless of location. Count on us for reliable, top-tier repairs that keep your drilling equipment performing at its best.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Services in the Southeast USA

We bring over 20 years of hands-on experience to our onsite horizontal directional drilling services across the Southeast USA.

Our priority is your safety on the job, and we work seamlessly as a team, ensuring a secure environment while getting the job done right. We equip our technicians with the best tools available, guaranteeing precision and efficiency from start to finish. Collaborating closely with you, we navigate every project with expertise, providing reliable solutions that meet your needs and exceed expectations.



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Knowing which directional drilling hammers, parts, safety protocol and drilling techniques are right for the job comes with years of experience in the field.

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